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This is the food and fitness journal version of my main blog, Mama’s Weeds.

This subversion of the blog is more like the original style of Mama’s Weeds circa 2009 – a style that I enjoyed writing, but eventually got away from for a variety reasons.

I know from my own experience that journal-like healthy living blogs can be a HUGE help when you’re working to make lifestyle changes and are trying to figure out how to incorporate healthy habits into your own life.  My life isn’t perfect and I don’t get it right 100% of the time, but I eat and live much better now than I did a number of years ago.  I have way more energy and sleep a lot better now than I did when I ate more processed foods and sugar, and I know it’s because of the way I eat, exercise and live now.

I feel good, and I want you to feel good too.  I share what I do on a daily(ish) basis to show what works for me, in the hopes that some of I do might give you some ideas of things to try in your own life and what might (or might not!) work for you.

About Me

More about me and why I write about what I eat and how I exercise can be found here.

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